The Team

  Jason Goodman performed at the 2015 Wrangler National Finals with his spectacular six horse hitch and stunning white hitch wagon (carriage).  He began Roman Riding six horses at the World Percheron Congress in 2006 at Lexington, Virginia. He has performed his act of Roman Riding six black Percheron draft horses at the Wrangler National  Finals Rodeo from 2006 thru 2010.

  Besides the National Finals Rodeo, Jason and the
  Percherons perform at other prestigious rodeos such as the Calgary Stampede, Cheyenne Frontier Days, San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo, Reno Rodeo and the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo.

What does Jason hope to demonstrate through the horses' performances? His answer, in short: the inherent athleticism of heavy horses and the historical significance of draft animals.

A lot of people have this perception of a draft horse as being a lumbering animal. They don't know how fast and athletic these animals can be. Besides that, a lot of people have never seen how these horses can work together.

Jason has been recognized as a top five specialty act by the PRCA four times. He is the only driver of draft horses to ever perform at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

Jason and his wife Rose make their home in Ft. Collins, CO.

Percheron Horses

Bud is a lead horse or a horse that is driven in front. He is 17 hands 3 inches tall and weighs 1,900 pounds, born in Ohio in 2001. Bud is a strong, confident lead horse with amazing beauty and grace present during each performance.  Bud is now retired and makes his home in beautiful 65 acre pasture at our home in Fort Collins.

Pilot is a lead horse as well. He is 18 hands tall and weighs 2,050 pounds, born in Indiana on April 30, 2003. Pilot is a beautiful gelding and a great ambassador for Percheron Thunder. He is consistent every time he goes to the area, performing with all his might.

Bode is a swing horse or a horse driven in the middle of the Roman Riding group.  He is 17 hands tall and weighs 1,800 pounds; Bode was born in Wisconsin on March 7, 2008.  Bode is keen for new challenges and is very inquisitive.

Captain is a lead, swing or wheel horse.  This versatility is a great asset to Jason when choosing a line up for a Roman Riding performance.  Captain was born in Iowa in 2007.  He stands 18 hands tall and weighs 2000 pounds.  2016 is Captain's 5th year with Percheron Thunder.

Count is a wheel, swing or lead horse.  He made his debut in 2014 at the Reno Rodeo in the swing of our hitch. He came from our dear friend, Kirk Messenger from Cheyenne, Wyoming. Count grew up on a farm in southern Iowa. Count was born on May 31, 2010.

Jag is the newest addition to Percheron Thunder.  We acquired him in August of 2015 from the Kevin Wilson Percheron farm of Ontario, Canada.  Jag registered name is Rock Hill's Spirited Mic, born on a farm in Savannah, Missouri on March 27, 2007.
 is used in the wheel with Tuff or the lead with Pilot.  This rocker is an incredibly versatile horse that we are very excited to own. 

Tuff is a wheel horse as well. He is 18.2 hands tall and weighs 2,100 pounds. Tuff was born in Southern Iowa in 2007.  We acquired Tuff in August of 2014 from Young Living Stables in Mona, Utah.  He is Jason's rock when roman riding, Tuffe is the left hand wheel horse when roman riding.  Tuff has a big motor and ready for action when the spot lights are on.

Mike is a swing horse.  He is 18 hands tall and weighs 2,000 pounds.   Mike is a great young horse that we just acquired in April of 2015.  This youngster is filled with the energy of a jet engine.  We are eager to see where all of his potential will take him and lead Percheron Thunder in the future.

Huey is a lead horse.  This 4 year old is 17.3hands tall and weighs 1,900 pounds.  Huey comes from the Plum Creek stables in Illinois.  This horse is very agile, keen to please and quickly becoming a great galloper.